Study Face-to-Face

The Australian National University offers face-to-face Gamilaraay classes for students and the general public, in Canberra and Sydney. … More Study Face-to-Face


Yalaguwaay ngaya. Like me.

Yalaguwaay ngaya. Like me. This song was composed by Priscilla Strasek and Sophia Brown as part of their work in the Gamilaraay 2 course at Australian National University, winter 2018, and the video produced with the assistance of Hilary Smith. It is performed by Kelsey Strasek-Barker, and available at and in the Yugal2 folder … More Yalaguwaay ngaya. Like me.

NAIDOC Theme, 2018

A request on Facebook. Hi John, is it possible to translate “Because of her, we can” – this year’s NAIDOC theme – to Gamilaraay? Thank you, Jo Below is a possible ‘translation’ and then some discussion. Gunidjarrbaadhi, warranggal ngiyani. Female-from, powerful we. “Because of her, we can” The NAIDOC motto is dhirrabuu, great, and also … More NAIDOC Theme, 2018


Below a translation request, the suggested translations [Yuwaalaraay and Gamilaraay] and then some discussion. John It’s for a program called Food for Families. Our students go and pack boxes of food based on orders placed by teachers, so the sheet runs thus: Hello Miss or Sir This is your Food for Families grocery list, please … More Translation.

Yinarraa Bulaarr – A second great woman, Luise Hercus

Fred Reece said that while yinarr is ‘woman’ yinarraa is special, is like you were made a ‘dame’ or something similar. On Wednesday Aunty Fay Green became Dr Fay Green, OAM. On Friday we farewelled another yinarraa, Luise Hercus – A great worker for Aboriginal languages and culture and a valued friend of many Aboriginal … More Yinarraa Bulaarr – A second great woman, Luise Hercus