Study Face-to-Face

The Australian National University offers face-to-face Gamilaraay classes for students and the general public, in Canberra and Sydney. … More Study Face-to-Face


Yayaa – Calendar

Winanga-Li Gunnedah have been working on Gamilaraay language with their children for some time. One project that came out of that was to get names for letters – so that we can talk about them in Gamilaraay. At the moment we need to use English names for the letters ‘ay, bee, see, .. haitch,…double-yu,  etc. … More Yayaa – Calendar

Minya ‘Christmas’ Gamilaraaydha, Yuwaalaraaya?

New words   2017-11-16     What is ‘Christmas’ (and ‘gift’) in GY We are looking for words for ‘Christmas’, ‘gift/present’, and for other things people want to say at this time of the year. Some would like send Gamilaraay Yuwaalaraay Christmas greetings and cards. Below some discussion and possibilities. It would be great if … More Minya ‘Christmas’ Gamilaraaydha, Yuwaalaraaya?

Australian Ngiyani – We are Australian.

A new Gamilaraay version of the chorus has just been uploaded, with the words, a translation and some comments. This site does not allow the upload of mp3s, so go to for the files. The document is repeated below. Australian Ngiyani,  We are Australian Gamilaraaydha, Yilaa Yinggilirra.   In Gamilaraay, then in English. Sung by … More Australian Ngiyani – We are Australian.