Dhirrabuu, Dr Walgan Fay Green, OAM

I was priviliged to be at the Australian Catholic University Sydney Graduation on Wednesday, May 9, to see Aunty Fay Green OAM awarded an honorary doctorate for her work in Aboriginal Education and Aboriginal language. Many of her family, friends and colleagues were there to honour her both at the lunch and then at the graduation ceremony. Also present were the Chancellor, John Fahey, and many other senior ACU staff.

I worked with Aunty Fay during my 12 years in Walgett and her quiet and compassionate determination and her commitment to her people and their wellbeing and education were an inspiration.

Below are the citation for the Doctorate, and the Occassional Address which Aunty Fay then deliver.

Giirr maayu, maaruwan,gaan, Well done – very well done, Dr Walgan Fay.

John Giacon




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